Sheena's Place

Sheena's Place is located in a non-institutional environment in downtown Toronto.  It is a registered charity whose mission is to offer hope and support to people affected by eating disorders.

The garden followed guidelines for the application of a feng shui symbolic systems approach.

The site faces east and so the resultant dominant element is wood.  The wood element is found in wooden furniture and accessories, outdoor plants, obelisks, trellis, pergola and tree trunks.  The colour spectrums of green and blue plant materials reflect wood.  Plants which represent the wood element include a pair of magnolias at the entrance gate and a massing of peonies near the dining terrace.

Pathways meander in gentle inviting curves like a river, and promote comfortable to use of the garden.  Midway through the garden a nook along the path provides space for a small garden bench.  The more area of shelter created within the garden the better the feng shui.  The meandering path wends its way through the garden to a larger gathering space.  It is suitable for outdoor programs as well as casual use in a relaxed setting.

Moving water is symbolic of bringing luck with it and so the water falls towards the house, in full view.  A sculptural wall mounted fountain creates flow and soothing stimulation with the sound of quiet water movement.

The garden has been designed according to colour and element to enhance fame reputation and wealth in the case of Sheena's.  The large tree branches in the north west corner are trimmed to increase the flow of light and energy into the garden which are symbolic of money.

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