Cedarbrae Library

A sense of community for this public space is reinforced through site design. The intersection is integrated with the building form through paving materials. The details tie the architecture to the ground plane creating an inviting entrance.

The forecourt is a place to walk through, linger and people watch or read a book. What simply was a suburban street corner has become a unique local landmark and destination.

The interior “urban living room” of the library looks directly out onto the landscape court, connecting with the streetscape, extending the room. There is a clear relationship between the inside architecture and outside landscape.

The landscape development is a cohesive compliment to the building‘s revitalized program. Ample seating, games tables and an amphitheater for outdoor story time reflect the communal aspect of the site.

Immediately outside the main entrance, embedded in bronze, are the lines, “a man packed a country in a suitcase with his shoes and left”. The excerpt is from Canadian poet, Rosemary Sullivan’s poem - Exile. It formed part of the Poetry is Public Canadian, Poetry exhibition.

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Cedarbrae Library