North Bay Regional Health Centre

The former North Bay Psychiatric Hospital and the North Bay General Hospital will be amalgamated into the new North Bay Regional Health Centre. The new facility will be within one building on a new 300 acre site. The two facilities, namely the North Bay General Hospital and the Northeast Mental Health Centre, will share the site and some of the amenity areas.

A cafeteria wing with adjacent exterior gardens is the central meeting point between the two facilities.

The Northeast Mental Health Centre will provide inpatient, outpatient, emergency, consultive and educational services for the entire northeast region of the province.

Amenity spaces adjacent to the building and overall site reflect the unique needs of the patient groups from this region. The utilization of the outdoors as an integral part of therapy is an important component of the programme criteria.

Opportunities for recreation therapy, physical and occupational therapy together with sports, gardening, barbecues and places for both quiet respite and visiting are addressed.

The Master Plan development of the grounds sought to prepare a long range development plan for a cohesive health care community.

Phase One will allow for some immediate landscape construction ready for the projected opening day. Fundraising to finish grounds development is anticipated for the remaining construction within a five year period from that date.