Urban Laneway

The residence is located in an industrial neighbourhood with laneway access only. The garden is both a forecourt entrance as well as an extension of the interior living space.

Within the fenced enclosure is an entry walk, dining terrace and a sitting area which reflects the parallel function of the interior rooms within the confines of the garden.

Materials and layout have been selected for their simplicity of line and ease of maintenance.  The planes form a modernist palette of soft and hard construction variations.

Teaser Image: 
Urban Laneway, Toronto

Midtown Roof Garden

The penthouse suite's garden is accessed through a roof top pavilion which divides the garden into two.  The north deck is for dining and the south side is a lounge area.

The south portion was designed to integrate two skylights as part and parcel of the garden's components.  A sculpture is placed to be backlit by a raised skylight.  The location is further accentuated on the ground plane by the paving pattern and inground lighting.

The catwalk area outside the garden's railing is transformed by a variety of textural changes.  Pea gravel, stone and artificial boxwood ensure pleasing views from both the interior and exterior.

Teaser Image: 
Midtown Roof Garden, Toronto